Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well here's a scientific theory on entropy and life which was given by (forgot his name) and explained to me by my friend....I'll try to explain it to u...I swear tiz an awesome theory

If u are not quite used to the term entropy, one may define it as "The degree of disorder or randomness of the molecules of a system"

So lets come to a human body...When we live, our entropy is less as our body is quite rigid...when we die and decay entropy increases enormously as our body gets decomposed(randomness increases)..

Even when we live, in our younger days our entropy is less and it increases as we age(loosening of the skin and stuff like that)

Take food has less entropy before we consume it(remains intact) and its entropy increases with digestion(it gets broken up)

Now, the second law of thermodynamics...
"All spontaneous processes proceed in a direction that leads to an increase in entropy "

So life(less entropy) proceeds towards death(more entropy)...(hope u can relate it)

But how do we prolong our life?

We consume food and increase its entropy thereby conserving our entropy (as an increase in entropy is inevitable..its natural, spontaneous)

So this theory lays it out that all living beings, in order to conserve their entropy, increase the entropy of their surroundings and the more they do it, the longer they live.


  1. yeah............better than d can b understood if read twice.........simple but informative.....good topic since many people dont know about such things......

  2. i wuld say..too much of science in ur head..